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For years, “La Ventanita” at Versailles has been the go-to hub for conversation within Miami’s Cuban community.

Whether in the ornate dining room or outside at "La Ventanita," Versailles is a place where Cubans of every stripe congregate to vent about work, politics, and life in general.


Along one side of Versailles is the even more frequented and media-frenzied coffee window, "La Ventanita." Here cafecito, croquetas, and pastelitos are enjoyed by the hundreds daily. Countless visits to "La Ventanita" have been nationally televised and written about. Everyone has graced our little coffee window, from our favorite Hollywood celebrities to community leaders, politicians, and even a few U.S. presidents.

For more than forty years and through our famous "Ventanita," our loyal employees have served countless cafecitos to the regulars they regard as family and to numerous famosos (famous people) who frequent the Calle Ocho establishment. "La Ventanita" is definitely one of the restaurant's most recognizable features. Through the decades it has grown in sig­nificance and even attained pop culture status.

It has become not only the epicenter and the respite of the exile Cuban community but also a second home and a welcoming beacon to people of every nationality and all walks of life.